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Bummed out SCSI

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My dad kindly got a hold of a couple of 18gb SCSI drives(i know its a small size but it was just for windows and drivers etc.) and a controller card a couple months back(his work was throwing them out since they had been lying around a while). So tonight i decided to set them up. After an hour of arranging my case i get to boot. To start it off only 1 drive was being detected. Turns out its got a knackered molex pin. As for the other drive it was being detected but was saying drive not ready. So i think a quick format will sort it out. Hit format and it comes back with an error.

So i've got 2knackered SCSI drives and a perfectly fine controller card. Wat on earth am i supposed to do?? Think dad has to find some more scsi drives for me...
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It could be the Controller card at fault and not the HDD'S..Try another Controller if at all possible.
free things come with a cost... ironic aint it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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