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Bunch of fans, fan controller, and fan duct

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List of fans I have:
120mm CM Stacker Stock Black Molex
120mm Antec Tri-Cool 3-spd black Molex
120mm Antec Tri-Cool 3-spd Blue LED(not shown) Molex
120mm Thermaltake 12025A Black(not shown) 3-pin
92mm Delta ASB0912M 3-pin
92mm AVC F9025S12L 3-pin
80mm(x2) Rexus NMB-MAT 3-pin
80mm Thermaltake 8025A 3-pin
80mm Sunon KDE1208PTB1-6(server?) Molex
35-45mm(x9) CPU/Chipset 3-pin

Here are some larger fans:

Here are some smaller fans:

I also have fan screws to go with a few of them, five 120mm grills and three 80mm grills.

Here is a fan controller that I have as well got it from CompUSA long time ago not sure of brand controls 3 fans and has 2 x USB built in:

I have a 80mm fan duct as well:
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Anyone got estimates for price of these parts? Was looking to make a thread to start selling some stuff, just want to get the right prices so I don't rip anyone off.
I'm guessing $10 shipped for the fan controller, $4 shipped for the 120mm fans, $3 for the smaller fans.
If you have a low profile 60mm fan in there. like 60, or 50mm x20, or X10. small enough for the NB on a 750i/780i motherboard.. let me know. I'm interested. and if I can see the front of the Controller I might take that also.

I'm saying 2-3 for the Small fan's Shipped, and 6 for the bigger, other than the Delta, as they are worth more.

and $10 for Controller sounds right.
Here is front of the controller:

What do you suggest is the best shipping method for cheapest price?

I also have some AMD CPUs/boards as well:

4000+ 939
3400+ 939

AMD 939 motherboards:

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Bump anyone else got some estimates for these parts and cheapest way of shipping small things like fan adapters and such?
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