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Bunk DCUII 580

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I traded my reference PNY 580 for a DCUII 580 that some one had purchased open box from NewEgg, and I knowingly got it when they said that DVI-I port #1 artifacted. Well, sure enough it artifacts when using port #1, even on desktop. Played a few rounds of BC2 on port #2 though, worked fine. Card doesn't clock too well it seems either.

Anyways, I knew this was coming but the previous owner was just too lazy to deal with ASUS RMA and I don't mind since I have spare cards to use in the mean time.

Just wondering how ASUS RMA is, does it take forever? I submitted a request today, and they said they will try to answer in 48 hours...not very promising lol.

So, if anyone can share their experiences with RMA'ing an ASUS GPU I'd appreciate it.
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Originally Posted by fl0w3n;14207999
Hmm doesn't seem too bad as what I was expecting, I've heard many horror stories. I've owned many ASUS products, the majority of my MOBO's have been ASUS...just never had to RMA one before

Bass, isn't the DCUII considered ROG? Or is that only the Matrix?
Only Matrix. It carries the ROG stickers, logos and box.
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