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Buyers Remorse

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I have purchased a corsair 850tx and might be regretting not getting modular..what should I do I bought it from microcenter....and have receipts it has just been opened..
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Wow, if you don't really want it take it back. Don't need us to say it's okay...
But I find modular a bit dumb as I use all the cables anyways.
Well I am not going to use a dumb floppy drive..
Modular is extremely handy IMO. Takes out all the unnecessary clutter when not needed.
yea... they I can take it back if I have bought it within the last 30 days
TIA (This is America)

Just take it back. No one minds.
If it's any consolation, I absolutely love mine. I have my cables running up the back of my 900 so they are not in the way. Return it if you must, but know you are in possession of a kick-ass product.
Go ahead and take it back. Just say you got it for someone and it wasn't the one they wanted.
I don't think the premium is worth getting a modular. I love my OCZ SXS 600w PSU, I can run my cables around the back and forget about them.
Well If I get to take it back then I am going to prolly get this big boy...

I hate the Antec TPQ's, I always heard about them having problems in the 8800 era.
I've done several builds and the ones I've done with modular PSUs are not that much more cleaner than the ones without. It does depend somewhat on how many components are going in the system and how much space is behind the mobo tray to hide wires.

Microcenter is great about returns, i doubt they would give you any issues. I'd like to warn you about the low amperage on the Antec 1000W 12V rails. I've always prefered having a single large rail. I'd say keep the one you got over the antec 1000W truepower.
You could just mount the cd/dvd drive in the second slot from the top, and place the extra cables on top of it (right under the lid). (Obviously this only works if you have a top mounting psu)
the difference from the TX to the HX is more than the modular cables, the HX has a longer warranty, different internals, runs more efficient.
OK well not antec but I have 7 days left. Could you guys give me a couple modular recommendations? I was looking at the silver stone but it is only offered in 600w..
IMO keep the one you got now and just learn more about cable managment.
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hehe,when i got mine i about s&[email protected] when i seen all them cables.to make a long story short i ended up buys a haf 922 case to hind them all.
yea but idk if I am going to need all the power also.. I plan on using 2 high end GPUs though...
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