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Hello All,
I have decided to take the jump and spend some money on a pair of new graphics cards for my new triple monitor setup. I have a few apprehensions before purchasing however:

Some info that might help:
$1000 budget, if you can suggest anything else, (even from AMD) I would gladly appreciate it.
Using 3x Dell UltraSharp 23" monitors @ 1080p.
CPU (nothing I should worry about) is a cool n' quiet 4670K @ 4.5 GHz under a H100i.
16 GB RAM.
Currently running 2x 7870s 2GB each in CrossFire X mode.

If I were to buy two 780s and SLI them, would SLI scale particularly well with my games? I'm running 2 7870s in CrossFire X mode right now (which theoretically should handle triple monitors @ 1080p okay) but they aren't up to snuff because of, what I'm guessing, driver or software not working well with hardware. The most demanding games I play are Battlefield 3/4, AC IV, Borderlands 2, and Crysis 1,2, and 3.

Would SLIing them be enough for triple monitors? Going with what I said before about SLI scaling, I'm still a bit uncertain on if I will get smooth performance because the software will use the 1st 780 more than the second.

How long will this last me? I understand that triple monitor setups don't age very well at all, and if I were to spend approximately $1000 on new graphics card, I want some reassurance that it'll last me at least 3 years of the next titles coming out.

Would 2 780s be enough? Or would one 780 TI be better? I have to stay under or around $1000, and, in an ideal world where I had more money, I would definitely jump for 2 780 TIs in SLI but I can also make room for only one 780 TI in my budget.

If any of you own a setup that I'm going to buy (2x 780s, triple monitor), how are they?

Thanks for all your help!
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