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Buying a new CPU

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So I'm thinking about upgrading and buying a new CPU but I was curious: If I buy a new CPU do I need to install an operating system on to it? If yes, I didn't get a copy of Windows when I bought my computer, so how do I go about installing Windows again?
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You shouldn't need to reinstall an OS for a chip swap. Your OS should recognize it when you swap it. But if your computer is OEM, the windows on it might have a hardware blueprint that if it doesn't have the hardware it came with, then it won't work.
if u are using the same hardware except cpu, u do not need a new operating system
i believe OEM OS recognizes hdd in the old days and motherboard now, so CPU shouldn't matter
Its easy, go down load ProduKey and write down your ID and Key. Upgrade whatever you need to and start up your computer. Then go to control panel/system and security/system and scroll to the bottom to make sure your still activated. If not, call microsoft and have them reactivate your key. There should be an option to activate by phone if online activation fails.
Ado202, After your purchase of a new processor all you will need to do is install the new chip and boot up and navigate to control panel, then system, then device manager. Now scroll down to cpu and click on the + tab to make sur it is your old chip and uninstall it, reboot and your system will install new chip. Thats it!
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