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Originally Posted by dolinn

I know you are only looking to spend about 500-700, but I really can't say enough about IBM Thinkpads. My school issued me a T40, my brother bought a T-43, my cousin has an R-series. I have handled other laptops, nothing compares. They are phenominal computers: durable, lightweight, stable, fast, and good looking. They are pricey and I would buy a warrenty (I would do it no matter what laptop I get... if I didn't put it together myself and I can't fix it myself... I am getting a warrenty). Also, I don't know how good they are now that Lenovo took over, but my experience has been nothing but positive when it comes to them. And FYI, my old T40 struggles to run HL2 and CS:S on high settings (lower settings are playable), but I assume a newer one would work well... just to give you an idea of the power thats under the hood =)

Is your T40 running the ATI 9000? If so, thats impressive to run HL2 and CSS on even decent settings.


Best for the budget...but still looking.



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