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Buying new card.

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Alright it's that time. I'll be giving my 3870 to a friend in a computer that i'm building him for cheap(was gonna use my 1950pro but my sister doesn't want to give it up) So tomorrow I'll be buying a 23" Acer 1080P(if in stock) and I'll need a new card to push the 1920x1080.

How accurate are the rumors of the 4890? I'm not sure when my PSU will be back from RMA for the friend's build but it should be soon. I can live a few days with the onboard HD3300 but the 4870 1GB is $190 now tempted to just get that and be done(if it doesn't go back up in the next weekend and a half.

If the rumors are true and the 4890 comes out at $199 on the 6th I might just wait that long...but I've heard NOTHING concrete about it.
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4890, well, what ever it ends up being, it will be clock for clock as fast as a 4870 (same architecture and SPs) but it will be clocked much higher. Id reccomend a 1GB 4890.
If you're willing to w8, we'll hear/know everything probably by months end.
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