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Buying new RAM

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Hey guys. I am going to buy a new set of dual ch ram (1gb) and have 95$ paypal currently. Can any of you help me find the best price/performance. I am looking for nothing lower then pc3200. I will also be getting a new socket 478 mobo since this one only supports 1.5 volts. So what are the best rams and mobos for price/performance?
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I recommend the Asus P4P800 SE as I am using it and it's excellent. I'd only like it better if it supported 3.0 vdimm instead of 2.85. Other than that, perfect for ~$90.

You might want to consider a better PSU if you're going to OC much. That 300 watter isn't going to do much with a vid card AND a power hungry P4... Before you bother asking about better cooling, look at the Thermaltake Big Typhoon (OR XP-90, or XP-120).
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