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My setup has some requirements for the new sound interface I'll be purchasing.

1/4" Mono OR XLR for both input and output

preferably 2 1/4" Mono outs *L/R*, at least 1 XLR Mic input

I want to go with a USB Connection this time. I want to avoid PCI or PCI-express this time around because of all the heat generated by my Crossfire'd video.

cost is under $100, money's tight

optical wouldn't be a bad perk, I may at some point change around my speakers and put optical surround on my PC and either sell or move my studio monitors somewhere else.

Things I don't need/care not about: Phono/RCA, SPDIF, Phantom power.

What I sorta care about is sampling frequency. I would prefer to be able to run at least 96... I do know in this price range I'm probably getting a 44.1 or at best a 48 that doesn't have feedback.

Thanks for help advice is much appreciated.

I'm considering:
-skeptical because of reviews

-because my current sound card works fine for output but not for input through windows. I could continue to use it and just add a mic input with this but its the least cost efficient option since I cannot sell my PCI card if I choose this.

-seems like a good choice... 192khz sampling rate

-seems to have low sampling rate for the price
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