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does anyone know where I can get some for my window I cut?
I know mnpctech sells it.. but I dont fell like playing like paying outrageous shipping amounts for a little peice of plastic molding you know.

even better, does anyone have any left over I can buy?

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ppcs / petras tech shop / mnpctech, all three sell it cheap enough for one window, if you plan on modding more then one thing at a time, i suggest you just go and grab a 100ft roll of it .... ppcs sells panduit c channel with glue lined inside, i bought a whole 100ft roll for sub 50 shipped of newark (back then the price was cheaper then now tho)


that edging =

and is available on large scale cheap here:
^ this is what i used on my mods

compare the price and make your choice.

100ft from ppcs shipped to us48 = $ 152

100ft from newark shipped to us48 = $ 75

now you know why i dont shop at ppcs no more XD
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