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I've put together a list of overclocks by CPU, week and voltage based on peoples posts in the various threads. If you would like your's added, send me a PM inlcuding CPU, week, speed and voltage (please specify is measured or set in bios). For those that don't know, batch and week can usually be found on the IHS as shown in the attachment or on the box, usually by the barcode. Sample pics and how to read it are at the bottom.

Hope this helps.

Week name OC(s)

Q705A ****erfx [email protected]
Q727A breakfromyou [email protected]

Q705A Bear [email protected] set 1.57 measured

L813A CravinR1 3.0 @1.3 bios 1.28 idle

L640A Madmax22 [email protected]
??41a mcogan10 [email protected]
L641A 1c0n [email protected]
L641A JCushing [email protected]
Q641A Xero [email protected] set, 1.216 measured
Q641A Crispin [email protected]1
Q641A P.Johnston [email protected] Idle 1.36 load
Q641A Mr Mojo [email protected]
L643A rx7racer [email protected] actual, 1.4 [email protected]
L643A Xeoc [email protected]
L644A MasterKromm [email protected]
L644A Wilson [email protected]
Q644A shajbot [email protected]
Q644A Delphi [email protected]
Q644A Witchfire [email protected]
L645A SSJVegeta [email protected]
Q645A deadagain6591 [email protected]
Q648A MuNcHeR23 [email protected]
Q649A Avadado [email protected] set 1.36 Idle 1.328 Load
Q649A mcramen [email protected]
Q649A s-twig [email protected]
L649F jasonck08 [email protected]

Q701A [email protected] Set 1.375 load

Q712A GigaByte [email protected] set 1.336 vdroop

L625A ****erfx [email protected]
L626A The Pook [email protected]
L627B Henrys [email protected]
L628A waway625 [email protected]
L628A afzsom [email protected]
L628A Mikey122687 [email protected]
L628A Modki [email protected]
L628A SAVAGE!!! [email protected]
L629A Hailscott [email protected]
L629B thydevil [email protected] set
L630A adam144 [email protected]
L631A acoma andy [email protected] [email protected] set 1.26 measured [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
L631A Skullzaflare [email protected] set
L631A silviastud [email protected]
L632A USlatin [email protected]
L632a speed demon [email protected]
L632A technik [email protected] 1.28
L637A bdattilo [email protected]???
Q640A kindredice [email protected]
Q649A coldchillen [email protected]
Q702A sgtdisturbed47 [email protected] [email protected]

L651B Porlw [email protected] set 1.296 vdroop
L706A Kluit [email protected] measured
L707A CL3P20 [email protected]
L707A goody24 [email protected]

L626A boead [email protected]
L629A monisriz [email protected]
L629B Madmax22 [email protected]???
L631B PDPSystems [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
L633a CravinR1 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
L633B TaiDinh [email protected] [email protected]
L633B Xecuter2 [email protected] bios, 1.39 measured
L639A pheoxs [email protected] bios, 1.325 measured
Q704A kc-tr [email protected]

L630B khurios [email protected] [email protected]
L644G Betrivent [email protected]
L645G ckp64 [email protected]
L646G bluedevil [email protected]
L646G pjlietz [email protected]
L646G cyant [email protected] bios, 1.48 actual
L646G murcielago585 [email protected] [email protected]
L649G Skywayman [email protected]
L649G sam95ta [email protected]
L649G ChielScape [email protected] set 1.42 1.38 load
L650C mentholmoose [email protected] set 1.38 measured
L652B CMH [email protected]
L704A ocelot11 [email protected] set
L709A Tweak [email protected]
L709A NCSpecV81 [email protected] [email protected]
3713A Cyph3r [email protected]

L723A P£P§! [email protected]

L624A DesertRat [email protected] 1.5 set
L624A silviastud [email protected] (was Chozarts, see next line)
L624A Chozart [email protected] set
L627A Noxious89123 [email protected]???
L628A NuclearJock [email protected]
L628A kanny [email protected]
L628A WitchFire [email protected]
L628A MadMax22 [email protected] (phase)
L628B Ihatethedukes [email protected] [email protected]
L628F RaiDer [email protected]
L629A kevg73 [email protected]
L629B CarbonTI [email protected]
L629B The Viper [email protected]
L629F Libel [email protected]
L629F Kevinm207 [email protected]
L629F NuclearCrap [email protected]
L629F TheEddie [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (all after vdroop)
L629F Kriegen [email protected]
L629F Bal3Wolf [email protected] set 1.33 vdroop
L629F DenMason [email protected] bios
L629F khurios2000 [email protected]
L630A Intervention [email protected]
L630B money11465 [email protected]
L630B trendy [email protected] [email protected] set, 1.28 measured
L630B CyberDruid [email protected]~1.57-1.62
L630F jpm [email protected]
L631A Drax [email protected]
L631B calvin924597 [email protected] [email protected]
L631F littleims10 [email protected]
L631F afzsom [email protected] bios 1.42 measured
L632A mhill2029 [email protected] [email protected]
L632A Kenshin1987 [email protected]
L632A SharkerSK [email protected] [email protected]
L632A Ihatethedukes [email protected]
L632B -=R00bin=- [email protected]??? [email protected]
L632B Taeric [email protected]
L632B Dtruck261 [email protected]
L633B calvin924597 [email protected]
L634A InFit [email protected] set 1.39 idle 1.38 load
L634F laluckaryves [email protected]
L636F GaarBear [email protected]
L637F <[email protected]> (CS:S King) [email protected] measured
L640A Equetefue [email protected] [email protected]
L641F calvin924597 [email protected]
L644G sotexpb [email protected]???
L644G U-Dubominator [email protected] 1.36 vdroop
L644G Cgrado [email protected]
L644G (ttk)RickJames [email protected] set 1.55 idle 1.54 load
L645G TuxeyM [email protected] bios, 1.36 idle 1.34 load
L645G gg_Makavalian [email protected]
L645G Tasteles [email protected] set 1.50 measured
L646G Chozart [email protected]
L646G TheAlienwareGamer [email protected]
L646G Nolander [email protected] Bios 1.47 vdroop
L646G itslogz [email protected]
L646G G|F.E.A.D|Killa [email protected]
L647G Choggs396 [email protected] Set 1.408 measured
L647G moocowyz125 [email protected] set 1.47 idle 1.44 load
L647G Krlll [email protected] bios
L647G boead [email protected]???
L649G Ericeod [email protected]
L651B binormalkilla [email protected] bios 1.416 measured
L701C prism1029 [email protected]
L701C Turkey2112 [email protected]
L705A H3!1x [email protected] bios, 1.360 idle, 1.328 load
L709A saiyanzzrage [email protected]
L709A CarbonTI [email protected]
L711A wire [email protected]
L712A ginnz [email protected]
L713A thespy007 [email protected]
L717A Zeus [email protected] set
L720A born2killU [email protected]

L627A Chozart [email protected] set
L627A Thumper [email protected] measured 1.41 bios
L628A cl3p20 [email protected]

L719A Verbatim81973 [email protected] bios set 1.46 Idle 1.41 vdroop
L721A QuickSilver75 [email protected],1.38v idle, 1.34 load
L723A ErdincIntel [email protected] load
L723B real [email protected] set 1.32 idle 1.312 load
L726A itslogz [email protected]

L720A alexisd [email protected] measured
L720A ncsa [email protected] Bios (phase)
L722A NuclearJock [email protected] [email protected]
L722A Eflyguy [email protected] bios, 1.408 idle 1.375 load
L723A hogans [email protected]
L722a itslogz [email protected]

L622B ibookp4 [email protected]

L635A knitelife [email protected] measured
L640A knitelife [email protected] measured
L640F Amd Dave [email protected] set
L640F knitelife [email protected] measured
L640F knitelife [email protected] measured
L712A CL3P20 [email protected]
L712A pjlietz [email protected]

L723A rhcpcrony [email protected]
L723A Special_K [email protected] measured
L723A Murlocke [email protected]
L723A BRISKbaby [email protected]
L723A Azriyeti [email protected] bios 1.328 measured
L723A pjlietz [email protected]
L723A DeltaUpsilon [email protected] set 1.46 vdroop
L724A Twitchy9000 [email protected]
L724A LittlePud [email protected] Bios 1.225 vdroop
L724A b.walker36 [email protected]
L724A USlatin [email protected]
L724A pcrowle [email protected]
L724A Kilzon [email protected]
L724A Forsaken1 [email protected]
L724A Silviastud [email protected]
L724A NCspecV81 [email protected]
L725A Pr1m3R [email protected]

L726A CWell1337 [email protected] idle 1.208 load
L727B LaoFX [email protected]

X3060 (Xeon Dual)
L631? jdPrime [email protected]

X3210 (Xeon Quad)
L640F Chozart [email protected] measured

How to read it:
1st letter or digit = plant code (Malaysia)
0 = San Jose, Costa Rica
1 = Cavite, Philippines
3 = Costa Rica
6 = Chandler, Arizona
7 = Philippines
8 = Leixlip, Ireland
9 = Penang, Malaysia
L = Malaysia
Q = Malaysia
R = Manila, Philippines
Y = Leixlip, Ireland

2nd digit = Year of production (2006)

3rd & 4th digits = week (29th week )

5th Digit ??? (F)

6th - 8th digits= lot number??? (221)

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Good job on that list! Personally I think I could have used a lower vcore on 3.6Ghz though... but I just wanted to shoot for 3.72Ghz.

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Pretty much what I picked up off the boards, I would prefer to have both measured and set

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I only used the vcore set in the bios. The measured vcore is usually around 0.05v lower.

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Originally Posted by Kriegen View Post
Pretty much what I picked up off the boards, I would prefer to have both measured and set
Well, I have mine set to 1.46 in the bios. SpeedFan reflects this number. CPUZ, on the other hand, says 1.138, which can't be right because I'd be getting HORRIBLE vdroop lol.

Any other apps you know of that measure voltages?

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Originally Posted by Drax View Post
My max right now is 3.825 (1.46v), I just have to retry after my AS5 cures. Great list, Rep+

Just put them in order of fastest to slowest!
Hey you have exactly the same stepping as me

Gonna try that setting when I get my new cooler, a 2Ghz overclock would be awesome

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Originally Posted by Drax View Post
My max right now is 3.825 (1.46v), I just have to retry after my AS5 cures. Great list, Rep+

Just put them in order of fastest to slowest!
He has them in order of stepping/week. This is easier. So when people compair their CPU it is easier to find.

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I am stuck in Ohio until Saturday, but once I get back I will send you the info on my E6700. I plan to get 2 more E6700 (or a E6700 and a QX6700, depends on pricing) next month and will provide that info as well.

Nice idea to collect this in one place so people can see trends.

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Wanted to say thanks to everyone sending me their info and keep the data coming!!!

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29F ftw!!!! looking forward to getting the rest of my stuff
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