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Originally Posted by Phantomas 007 View Post

I have this set http://www.corsair.com/en/professional-individually-sleeved-dc-cable-kit-type-3-generation-2-red

I want to add some comb for better appearance. Anyone had bought from http://www.moddiy.com/products/Professional-Single-Sleeved-Cable-Wire-Clear-Comb-%284-to-24-Slots%29.html ?

It will be compatible with my cables because there are combs 3mm or 4mm ? How many I wii need for the 24pin cable and for the 8pin for the Graphics card ?
I have those combs they are okay, I prefer the closed type combs (need to be added while sleeving) or sewing but those are okay.

Those comes work for my NZXT Extension cables but not for my Paracord Extension cables, The wires guage as well as sleeving type play a role. Since it is the corsair branded cable set you should be able to fit these as they are probably similar to the nzxt. However if you can just grab 1 24 pin and 1 8 pin to try them. The biggest thing is there is variances in that plastic sleeving so even if it fit for me on my corsair cables it might not fit yours.

As to how many you need, that depends do you want the whole length of the cable or just what will be seen, IF you just want what will be seen then you only need a few if you want the whole cable then measure you want a comb every 3 or 4 inches.

For me with my Sewing I go every 2 inches on what is seen and every 3 on what is not. Cable Sewing is also an option, it defiantly looks better IMO, and is cheaper. The drawback is it is a lot of work and very time consuming.

Here is an example of sewing, this is an old pic of my build with sewn paracord cables. Shadow 2.0 Pic sorry for bad quality at the time of this being uploaded she is torn down getting ready for V3 :)
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