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Cable modem pci card from server

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Im curious rather than using my external cable modem and router could i use
<--- the one i have has the network plug also.
Would this put me at more of a risk for virus's and such. Would my adelphia isp work with it? Could i just hook up my cable line to it and have the internet!?
helps good thx!

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You would have to check with your ISP -- they're usually pretty picky about what you can connect to their service with so chances are the answer is no.

That's not a cable modem... It's a network card for an outdated 10mbsp (packet relay *) network that used coaxial line with terminator ends.

* Packet Relay networks were so slow because the data had to pass through every computer on the network until it found the terminal it was meant to go to.

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ya that card is soo outdated...lol like a decade or so... and no it wont work for internet, u have to run the cable into a modem first, then to your network card...
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