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Cable Sleeving

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Evening all,

I want to sleeve all of my cables from my PSU to my fans etc etc.

What sizes do I require and how much roughly do I need (in meters)

By the way I will have 10 120mm fans in the haf 932. If you need to know what components I have they are in my sig rig.

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Here;s a link back to that exact question.

use this type of sleeving http://en.mdpc-x.com/mdpc-sleeve/sleeve.htm they will look pretty good, but you have to wait two weeks for you to receive it(overseas).
That company sells it in 10 meter bulk for 7.98 Euros with a minimum of 15 Euros but they are the best. Probably 3 10 meters should do it. Hope that helps
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Here the sleeving I use on my wires. Works great, and it's cheap.

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