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AS you can see from the title. I need to switch motherboards. I've already
1. Switched out cases to an Antec 280 (big enough to hold a full ATX (or larger) MB
2. Piut in an OCZ 700W Modular PSU.9though I do have a fully licenced version on another machine that I don't currently
3. I've cloned the original OS (W7 Pro, SP1, OEM
) over to a a 256 Vertx 4 SSD (I've also cloned it to an older Kingston 120 (or is it 128 GB) HyperX SSD - both SATA3. I cloned it to the 2nd SSD in case I screw this project up.
4. It came with 16 GB of Samsung 1330 DDR3 RAM. The ASRock MB takes 1866 (and higher)
5. Put in a Gigabyte GTX 670 OC edition GPU (it is a great card, I'd love to put in a 2nd one, I may if this upgrade works and my wife somehow doesn't see the $360 to $400 bill from Amazon.

Problems, I envision; though living in the land of Intel . (I could almoost hit their fab plant in Hillsboro, OR, with a rock from my front yard if I were 16 y.o. again).

1. I don't want to do a clean install. Too many programs. I have the Dell OEM version of the OS and Microsoft may not want to let me migrate the present copy OF w7 b/c new = new computer.
2. I can probably get around #1 in that I have emails from Dell saying the motherboard is defective, it is just the switch to the AsRock Board, though their literature seems to say it will allow for migration from other BIOS's to their boar's UEFI?

Am I nuts for trying this?
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