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Call Of Duty 5 (TM) World At War (TM) Will It Run?

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Hi all I was Wondering Whther anyone could tell me If I could play Call Of Duty 5 (TM) World At War (TM) On my PC.Just Have A look At the Sig BELOW.

Also Attached I Have A Pic OF CPU-Z With all The Tabs...

P.S - I am talking about playing on lowest quality that will not lag or freeze...
P.S.S- I like using stuff Like (TM) LOL

or MAIL ME AT [email protected]
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Your CPU is fine but your video card doesn't meet the minimum requirement, it probably won't run very well even with everything on low.
Haha. You're weird. But good weird so don't worry.

Yes you can play it. But at the lowestest of settings and a res of say, 1024x768. CoD is very old-rig-friendly.

I played it with an 8400GS without any lag at very low settings. Not sure how an X1550 compares to an 8400GS, but I do know that an 8400GS is a very very sucky card.
perhaps you should look at the minimum requirements....?
More RAM and a better GPU (even a $75 GPU) would go a LONG way toward lag-free gameplay at high / very high settings.

You will be able to play at maybe 1024X768 with medium/low settings with your current setup.

Originally Posted by the baker at jury lane View Post
and no lag?
The low ram will probably give you some stuttering. Your first upgrade should be RAM.
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Thanks Guys.....But as im too young and dont really know that much about GPU and stuff....Plus you dont get that stuff like on the corner in SA (south africa) LOL (jUST KIDDING IT REALLY EPENSIVE IN SA!!!)

so just simply "I can run it on my current rig at very low settings/graphics?
is that right
Also I was wondering did the publishers release like a demo or free playable NAZI ZOMBI thing?for download?
You can get a FPS config, just tell me if you want me to post it.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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