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Calling all Dell ultrsharp 2408wfp owners

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i just recently baught my monitor and i just noticed that there's a yellowish/greenish cast in my photos using dvi, but with HDMI the green casting is gone. is it a problem with the color settings with DVI or should i rma it?
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Could it be your cable ? double check if both sides are plug in tight then maybe try it with another DVI cable . If it still have the green stuff then ill rma it.
i plugged in both dvi and hdmi at the same time and for some reason if i switch the dvi to Display #2 after i plug out my HDMI it has perfect color, but after my computer restarts, the greenish cast comes back.
since i cant get any info on this im just gonna return my monitor to dell, then buy a new one. im not rmaing it because dell has sucky rmaing. very bad experience getting 4 refurbished dells and they all had defects.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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