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Calling all HFM experts for some help!!

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Guys, I need some HFM experts here;

[06/07/2011-11:14:09] X HFM.Instances.MarkupGenerator.GenerateHtml Caught Exception: Root element is missing.

any idea what that is? for some reason:


im the only one that doesnt update there now :S

For whatever reason it simply won't update my stats into the FTP.

If it helps, I have Avast Free Antivirus and Windows 7 default Firewall (I added HFM to the program exception list in the Firewall settings just in case).

It worked just fine 2 days ago before re-installing Windows 7.

Any ideas?

Thank you,
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Originally Posted by mach1
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Isn't if funny how the simplest things can fix the problems that make you want to throw the computer off a bridge?

Yeah, that and now my BSOD problems regarding atikmpag.sys ...

Sometimes I feel like throwing the whole computer off a bridge.
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