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Camera Questions

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Alright, I'm really getting into photography and my current camera just isn't cutting it. I'm taking a class, I need more than three MP. I have a few questions.

1. Can the FUJIFilm FinePix S1500 use different lenses? I have a few really high quality lenses that I want to use...

2. Is the S1500 a good camera? If no, then what is a good DSLR/DSLR Like camera for >$200? Can you get a DSLR for >$200?

All help is appreciated.
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1.) No

2.) Based on the second part of your question, it won't compare to a DSLR. It's a bridge camera (still a P&S).
I used a Fujifilm S5000 for 3 years and though it took good pictures it was still a P&S camera and very limited. I went DSLR this past xmas and have not looked back.
You may be able to find a DSLR used that cheap, but if I were you I would save and buy something you will be able to enjoy for sometime.

Take a lot through the for sale section on POTN. Not sure your wanting to go Canon, but this is a canon forum..

You have lenses? What are they?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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