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Can’t get Dolby at is set up on my pc

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I only have a 2 channel soundbar and it supports Dolby atmos. And I have it connected like this. Lg c2 connected to soundbar via hdmi arc and pc connected to tv via hdmi 2.1 using Nvidia audio drivers with the tv outputting to the soundbar I get sound. In my supported Audio formats in the tv when the soundbar is set to pcm I get Dolby digital plus Dolby digital true HD and Dolby digital. I am able to use the Dolby access app to set up Dolby home theater but when I play Dolby atmos content I do not get a Dolby atmos light on the sound bar. If I use pcm on my ps5 I do not get a Dolby light but if I change it to pass through I do get a Dolby light on my ps5. So I thought change it to pass through and then i will get the Dolby light on my pc but when I change it to pass through in my pc sound settings all my supported formats except Dolby digital go away so I am not able to re enable Dolby atmos from the access app. I am super confused on what I should doing.
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Ok so I was able to download an Nvidia driver with Dolby digital and now I am able to pass through Dolby digital in selected format over hdmi and the Dolby icon lights up on sound bar in all content. However I get more Dolby formats if I change the setting to pcm on the tv and I am able to enable dolby atmos for home theater in dolby acess however the dolby light does not light up anymore so im wondering which is true dolby content I assume the one which the soundbar is displayed in dolby
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