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Can a Asus Formula-Z run quad crossfire?

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I have a pair of Radeon 6970s and iam considering buying a Radeon 6990 id like to know if this combo is possible on that motherboard and give or take what kind of performance am i looking at here>? I will be using the Amd flagship 8350. Now I overheard people saying you dont get to utlize all 4 gpus in a game, its mostly for benchmarks correct? Ok will the system at least utlize 3 gpus if not 4 while gaming? Thank you for any input on this,iam trying to cut some corners beacuse I already have dual 6970s so I can either pick up 1 more or just go for a 6990~
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Your system is going to be hugely bottle necked by an 8350, AMD CPU's just don't do well with multi-gpu setups. According to Asus, the motherboard supports a max of tri-fire.
3way and 4way GPU's just aren't worth the money. They don't scale that great on either side - and I don't think a lot of games can run 3way+ without having issues. However - multi GPU setups are better on Intel since they have more PCI lanes. I'm an AMD guy, but when someone says 3way - I say i7 at least.

Anyway, from what I've heard, AMD is still having issues with the frame pacing in games. It's a lot better, but it's still a minor issue. I've also heard that a lot of games do not support the beta driver that fixes the frame pacing. Now, your system can run a 3way setup (as stated above), but I do not know if this would be considered running 4way XFire - I imagine it would. If it did run as 3way, I'm fairly confident that the performance you would gain would not be worth the extra money spent on the card.
I'm sorry if this isn't the advice you were looking for. This is what I know about this issue, and I feel like someone should warn you about scaling on 3/4way cards.
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Yeah iam aware the scaling gets worse with every other card u add and the performance becomes less and less, but iam curious since I already have 2 6970s if i were to add 1 more id like to see what a diffrence it makes.Thats all. I get diffrent gpu usage on my fx 6100 for example some games will utlize up to 96 % gpu 1 usage and 98% gpu 2 usage, while in other games it can be as low as 30-40% per gpu! But thanks I just wanted to know if it can run 3-4 gpus.
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