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Can a Multi-GPU golder tell me if I have this right?

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Folding on two GPU's, on is a 9600GSO, one is an 8800GT. Are my settings correct? I have a core assigned to each video card, I think, and two isntances of [email protected] GPU2 running. Looks right to me, but I'm *brand* new at this..my 3rd day folding

*edit..just realized I misspelled folder* That was smart...

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Does it seem to be folding correctly? It is a bit hard to tell from your screens shots, but if it is folding correctly, then I would say you are good.

If you have an issue, the next step would be to post your fahlog file, and possibly your config file.

As far as CPU core affinity goes, it is realy preference if you ask me. GPU folding uses so little CPU on the latest drivers, that it is kind of a moot point.
Thanks. I'll check it in the morning to make sure things are going properly. Man is folding addictive...
If the lights on your FAHMON are now green (the ones that are yellow in your screen cap), everything is good to go!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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