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i7 8700k 5.0GHZ
32gb DDR4 3200
1080TI Extreme
Z370 Extreme 4 mobo
860 SSD

my cooler is NH D15, 2 fans 2 rads

I did an initial 5.0ghz set at 1.35 volts. Here is what I am getting from cpu-z, and hwmonitor, could a seasoned eye look at this and tell me if I should back the voltage down. I saved up for this computer and want to make sure i take care of it. I can order contained water cooler for the cpu as well but I am wanting to see how this d15 handles.

I am now at 5.0ghz, at 1.32 volts

prime95 spiked my temp to 90 at 5.0ghz/1.35 volts, its why I dropped the voltage down. I plan on ordering a liquid cpu cooler tonight

I did get a windows freeze earlier, maybe too low voltage?


Thanks in advance!
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