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Can anyone explain this Xfired 3870 vs 4850x2

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posted bench with same clocks @3.7ghz..it seems i can still squeeze out some juice on the 3870's than the new 4850x2..can someone explain why i get these results??
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sm2 is more cpu bound. You had a stronger cpu or a higher frequency on your 3870 crossfire run. Notice the canyon flight test, which is the test least effected by cpu frequency. The 4850x2 owned the 3870's face. Understanding the benchmark is the most important part of it.

*edit* just noticed you had the same cpu frequency. Crossfire always reduces cpu score, and it could be driver related between the 3870's and the 4850x2. Also, who knows, the 4850x2 make place more stress on the cpu.

What drivers are you running between the runs?
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