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I'm not sure if I can call my system a "rig", but this is my rig:

i7 4770k
r9 290x
8 gb ram

with antec 900 case probably oldest version I bought on craigslist for $50.

The case worked fine for 2 years now, but the audio panel broke, card reader panel broke, and the backplate of the motherboard side does not even have a

open window so I cannot even mount the cpu fan that I bought a year ago.

I recently upgraded from 280x to 290x because of the division and now i'm back to the gaming mode.

I have no plan to overclock any of my system because first I am afraid, and second, I don't even know how to nor want to.

So I just need a decent case under $200 that can do these:

-enough space to fit all of my system
-have fan controller or very quiet no there is no need to control the fan speed when i'm not playing game
-easy wiring
-preferably glass window? or whatever window that shows inside of the computer
-Low price would be better

pass the lortabs
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