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Can anyone recommend me some good USB soundcards?

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Hi, i've been wanting to get a soundcard for my rig for a while now but since my motherboard is mini itx (only one pcie lane) i've had to resort to a usb one, I'm not sure which to go for but something that has an advantage over the realtek onboard audio. I'd appreciate it if someone can help out
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What is your budget and what will you be doing with the sound card?
Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus is one of the measurably excellent soundcards with a sensible price tag. You will quite literally never need a better audio interface, as any improvements would fall under the human ear's tolerance. The headphone amplifier won't run most inefficient heavyweight headphones like Audeze LCD-2, but otherwise, the plethora of interconnects, good build, and balanced outputs make it one of the most appetizing options.

If you only need USB to stereo, the NwAvGuy ODAC by JDS Labs is crazy cheap value, also measurably and audibly flawless, but less features. I would personally recommend this over anything else. It's also tiny and cute

But yeah, a budget and feature list would help us specify products more tailored to your needs, if you need something specific.
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Originally Posted by Jeff78 View Post

What is your budget and what will you be doing with the sound card?

Also note which inputs / outputs you need and what you'll be using them for (what headphones, speakers)? For music, games, movies, what? etc.
If someone starts recommending sound cards/DACs based on musical genres I'm going to scream in a manner fitting to my avatar.
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