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Can anyone send me there EVGA 2GB GTX 670 Signature 2 Vbios Please?

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I made a weird mistake playing with bios's and cannot find my back up. I would greatly appreciate this, as I was trying to update to the 5C bios package from EVGA but the updater will not function as it believes I am using a different GTX 670. I need the raw bios file from any 2GB GTX 670 FTW Signature 2 Vbios to move forward here, because I need to flash manually with Nvflash's protection off to get it to work.

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Maybe try the FTW ones from here


None appear to be Sig2 but at least you'll make your card appear as EVGA so the tool may run through (incase nobody else can give you the actual vBIOS)
Funny thing is, that's the problem. It's not there for the Signature 2 Part number. Hence why the Nvidia updater doesn't see it when I try to flash using the official updater. That update is for the generic FTW, not the Signature 2, which has some different memory modules, hence the bios issue's I've been having.

I don't mind waiting, I'm just asking for anyone with the same card as me, running unmodded bios, to yank whatever SIG2 bios they have, and send it to me. Then I can reflash with protect off and use the official updater, then yank those, and alter those to get max clocks, so I can figure out what my potential in my loop is.

Whew, that's all.

But make no mistake, there' is something different and weird about the SIG 2 cards and the other's. With a modded stock bios it is much more stable than any of the other one's. I believe they changed the Memory modules to Hynix or something, and that is why there is issues, but I can't be sure.
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