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can asus m4a88tm mobo run 6300?

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Long story short. I had my 1090t in that mobo. Upgraded to a 990fx. sabertooth. Then my fiance needed a desk top so I bought a 6300 and took that and put the 1090t in the newly pieced together pc with the m4a88tm. From the getgo I thought I liked the thuban better. Maybe because when I was using Intel burn test it would finish each test "way faster" . Well it felt faster. So question is can I switch the processors and do you guys think it's even worth the time. I think I can get my thuban past 4.0. I have the 6300 at 4.6 atm.

My system is:
Asus sabertooth
2x hd 6950 crossfire
Hx1000w corsair
8GB patriot

Anything else that's relevent? I figure cpu, mobo, and gpus

Are probably what matters. Oh, h80 from corsair cooling it. Thanks for answers and advice in advance.
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