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Can Eyefinity Do This?

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I am planning to get a new GPU and do a 3 way Eyefinity setup with 24 inch monitors In portrait mode, But its hard to find cheap monitors with thin top and bottom edges So I am thinking of getting 2 samsung 2333SW for each side and a acer V233HB for the middle.

My main question is Am I able to make it so the Bottoms of the samsung monitors face the outside of my monitor array?

If this makes no sense I am drawing a picture.
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So look at how the side monitors point out Will I be able to have them like that with eyefinity and look how it is suppost to.
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Yeah I think that's possible. I saw settings in the nvidia control panel so i'm assuming they have the same for ATI
Nvidia cant do anything similar to eyefinity ATM.

If you're talking about flipping the panels via software, yeah.

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Nvidia cant do anything similar to eyefinity ATM.

I meant in the sense of turning the visual display clockwise or counterclockwise.
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Yeah but are you sure you can do that under eyefinity? If i get this wrong I lose like 200 bucks and if I get it right I save like 300 bucks.
Yes it can, here is a link that proves it. (just scroll down to the pictures)
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