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can HD3650 run COD4 widescreen?

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my bro is looking for a cheap gpu that will run COD4 at a good graphic setting and playable for his 22 inch monitor.
Right now he has a geforce 6600le 128mb which runs COD4 on 640x480 on his 22" lcd to have good fps online.

So what settings could the HD3650 run COD 4?
Even just 1440x900 at medium graphic settings would be enough.

I dont know his system specs. I just know he has 1gb of ram and an intel dual core at maybe 2.5 ghz.

Also which of these is better?
Powercolor HD3650 512mb ddr2 128bit = 40$
Inno3d 9500GT 512mb ddr2 128bit = 50$

I wonder why the geforce is more expensive yet they have same specs.
Makes me regret that I didnt look at the ATI cards when I bought my 9800.
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Probably neither. I'd go with this.

XFX HD-465X-YAF2 Radeon HD 4650 512MB 128-bit
The 9500GT is better, but in that price range I'd get a 4560 (leaps and bounds above its predecessor).
To answer your first question, yes it will play it. It should be able to do High settings w/o AA. If you decide to go with the 4650 it will most likely be able to do max settings/ max AF but w/o AA.
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yes, 4670 or 50 are both good - both those other cards are about as much use these days as a rotary phone. It would be a shame to run at those rez's on a 22"

Or, have him save up a couple weeks to get a 4770.....that'd be the real deal for him cheap-wise
If you want a COD4 config to run at a higher FPS I can give it to you. Everything from a geforce 7200gs and up will get a solid 125fps or higher on it.
a HD4650 can play cod4 maxed out at 1920x1200 res with no aa
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Thanks all for your help. My bro just wants to play at decent settings so 3650 it is.
He only plays 2 games. Swat 4 and COD 4 so really no need for an expensive gpu
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