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Can I expect <60C with a TRUE with this chip?

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With my random heatsink (which is dead silent, and that is why I bought it) I can get 72C load in Orthos Small FFTs but in normal gaming situations it never gets above 63C. That's @ 1.475v (but after vDroop it's about 1.44-1.46v).

With a TRUE and a decent fan (say 70CFM) can I expect my Small FFTs temps to stay below 60C or so? Ambients are about 20-24C in my room.
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Exact temps I can't say but you will see a decrease in temps with a TRUE.
I'm aware. I'd like a rough estimate.
Small FFTs are hard to get low temps with. I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you stress 24/7. Having said that, you should definitely see a drastic improvement over your old temps, especially if you lap both ends.
There's a thread in here that covers that.. I'll check it out.


found it:


says you should get 14c lower temps. If you are talking about the cooler in your sig.
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