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Can I fold on both GPU's on my X2 card?

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Hey guys, I just started folding again less than 24 hours ago, I have not been in a long long time, so all these new clients and gpu clients are new for me

I have been folding with the GPU2 client, and its only using one of the GPU's, and when I try to start another instance of the client it crashes before loading.
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You can fold on both but you will need to make a dummy plug or have another monitor installed. I was just about to do this on the 4850X2 before mine died and I went with the 260 GTX instead.

See Col Newman's post for assistance...he has the same card and has it working:

Absolutely. All the top folders are switching to 9800GX2 since it doubles their production without taking up more slots.
You just have to set up separate clients for each GPU core and have a dummy plug for one of them.

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okay I have two monitors setup, and there both plugged in to the card, so how would I setup the second client to run? and do I need to set my second monitor into the 3rd or 4th plug on my card? I think if I am not mistaken that plugs 1&2 are for one core and 3&4 are for the other.

So do I need to plug the second monitor into one of those before I run the second instance of the client?
Grab the dual GPU folder. Change the username.
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