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Can i lock VNC server so that it cant be closed from the systray?

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So i use VNC on both my laptop and desktop so i can access them both from my desktop, and recently installed it on my family laptop so i can fix it without leaving my desktop in my room, also it lets me freak my brothers out by moving the mouse while they try to click stuff.

My question is can i lock the tray icon so it can not be closed so my brother who has caught on to my trickery cannot simply close out of the server in the sys tray, he doesn't know anything about task manager or how to close running processes through that yet so i should be good that way.

any suggestions?
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Installing it as a service should do the trick.
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Originally Posted by tehmaggot View Post
Installing it as a service should do the trick.


Originally Posted by quaaark View Post
Yeah, there's a registry option that lets you do this. Check out the documentation and look for "DisableClose"

Thanks for the help guys, with this ill be able to trick him forever muhahahahah
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