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Can I oc my E1200 more?

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I have had my e1200 for around 2 months now and the highest i've been able to stably oc to is 3.164ghz. its not too bad, but i have heard of people getting to 3.4 or higher. The voltage i am using is 1.368 (1.35 stock) if I increased this more could i oc more? my temps have been good, idle at 91f and full load at 115f. My ram (ddr2 800) is at 800mhz with timings of Thanks in advance, any help would be great.
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Yeas u can. I had that chip at 3.5 for some time, before I got my E74.
Those chips are tough as hell. If you want to push it higher, just give it more volts. I am not sure what your temps are (everybody uses C not F) but as long as you are under 65-70C you have nothing to worry about.
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is my psu strong enough?

Originally Posted by WizzardOfWar
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is my psu strong enough?

As long as it of decent quality, it is more than enough.
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ok! now im at 3.365! and stable!
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