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Can i overclock Q9650 on Asus P5Q Pro with PC-6400 to 4GHz

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I want to buy a new proc Q9650 and ASUS P5Q Pro but I don’t know if I need to buy better ram then what I have. My goal would be to take it to 3.8Ghz to 4Ghz range. Will it be possible to use my existing ram ? This is what I have currently OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Gold

I have 2 x 1GB total of 2GB should I get more? I heard its better to stay with 2 sticks rather then 4 sticks for overcooking.

Thanks for all the help guys
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You should be able to get 4Ghz from the chip, even if you have to take that 800Mhz RAM slightly above 800Mhz.

I would also suggest getting a 2 x 2GB kit of RAM.
the P5Q is actually one of the top 3 boards with overclocking the Q9650 Specifically. I will tell you right now I can almost guarantee you that 4.0 Ghz will be easy, and 3.8 Ghz will be FREE... Mine hit 3.6 on stock voltage, and 3.8 Ghz with 2 clicks higher. and then 4.0 was pretty easy also, and mine is a crappy 750i. I bet your board will do even better.

Yes you can hit 4.0 ghz with DDR2-800, but if I was you I'd get some 2x2GB kit. and yes when overclocking a Quad, it's better to get 2 sticks rather than 4.. as your already pushing the FSB and NB.

I'd get the Corsair Dominator 4GB (2x2GB Sticks. so 2 total) of the PC2-8500C5D. it's what I run, and they are great. they run 1066 Mhz at 5-5-5-15, and I can run 800 with 4-4-4-12. and I can also run 5-5-5-18 at 1120 Mhz.

You'll LOVE that CPU. I love mine.

this is some of the best ram in 2x2GB kits.. and it was over $100 2 weeks ago.

or for $10 more dollars get the fan man.

good luck, if you need help overclocking that Q9650 let me know
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Welcome to OCN,

Have you tried it yet?
That's a good place to start if you get stuck I'm sure you will find plenty of help here

I get mine (q9650) later today it's sittng at the UPS as we speak, LOL
I'm sure I'll be asking for help

All chips are different just keep an eye on your temps and see what she will do.
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Thanks guys for the help. i will do that as soon as i put the order in. I posted the same question in another fourm 60 people looked at it no one bothers to answer.

thanks again

i forgot to ask what advantage do i get if i get the ddr2 1066 vs my 800 ?

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