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Can I play CS: Source or Crysis Warhead with Eyefinity on my Sapphire 5850???

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I have two 19" monitors, hooked up with DVI cables, but I cant get it to function as one display. Even the browser window wont stretch across both displays when maximized.

Even when I have the setting selected to extend across displays.

I searched quite a bit but I can't find a how-to on taking advantage of Eyefinity for my two monitors.
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You're not going to use just the two monitors are you? For FPS, that would put the crosshairs right in the middle of the bezels on your monitors
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I know it wouldn't work that well for FPS, but for other games and apps I just want to know how to use Eyefinity on two monitors.
Believe me, it does not work well with just two monitors, for anything really. But...all you need to do is open Catalyst Control Center, and on the advanced control center, select desktops and displays from the "graphics" drop down box. Right click on one of the numbered monitors that is displayed in the middle, and tell it to create group. Then it might ask you if you want to disable desktop. Say yes. Then it will give you the option to change your screen orientation. Click save, and you are done.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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