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Can I run a 9800GTX+ on a old Antec 550?

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I will be receiving a EVGA 9800GTX+ in a few days and I am unsure if my aging PSU can run it well.

I'm not much of a PC gamer, and my 7600gt has been enough for me up until now ever once in awhile i do buy a new game.
I play on low-med but it works.
Only reason I bought the 9800gtx+ is because i got an incredibly good deal on it via a forum i go to, $80 used shipped with everything.

Anyways, I am currently using an Antec Truepower 2.0 550 watt PSU.
It has two +12v rails rated at 19a each.

According to the specs and requirements of the card it looks like i do pass the requirements.
I am running three hard drives tho.
But since I'm not too knowledgeable with PSUs and sometimes numbers can be misleading, I just felt I needed to ask people who knew these things to be sure.

Also, a 2nd question if i may.
How much of a bottleneck am i looking at with my cpu and the 9800gtx+?
The X2 4600+ feels pretty old to me now.
On that note, will there be any point for me in OCing the card either?

Thank you in advance for the help.
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550w is plenty for a 9800gtx+, it won't have a problem.
yeah i run a 260 on a antec 550
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Sweet, guess i worried for nothing.
Can you blame me tho, video cards these days are getting huge and crazy looking haha.

Thanks for the quick reply guys.
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