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Can I use tap water to test my system?

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I haven't gotten my PC ICE in the mail yet and I was wondering if I can use tap water to do the leak test. Or will this put minerals and other junk in the system and contaminate it?
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I read a very technical post in which some developers of waterblocks pretty much said that it would INSTANTLY begin to degrade to heat-shedding properties of the copper--if there is a disimilar metal in the loop (like an aluminum rad of stainless impeller shaft). One poor fellow had just run tap water through his new waterblock to test the system for leaks and then blew it out--but a patina had already formed on the waterblock--that fast. What may appear to be a little discoloration is actually a change in the metal's surface structure--the salts in the water from the chlorine and flourine form a microscale on the copper effectively insulating it from the water and reducing the ability of the heatsink to transfer the heat it has drawn off the CPU into the water.

When I say NO, it's because I have some small understanding of elctrolysis and why go do something that professional waterblock developers warn against... (See ProCoolingForums if you are curious...)
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