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Can My Card Be OverClocked?

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Hi, Iam running a 128MB nVIDIA GeForce Go 7400. With a BIOS Version of and A Driver Version of On a Sony Vaio SZ110 Series LapTop.

If theres any other info that is needed to know if I can OverClock this card please tell me.
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Probably not, Laptops typically don't Overclock very well. The heat would be the biggest issue, and I would be wary of OCing anything that has passive cooling only.
well I tried it anyways and its not been doing all that badly

Originally Posted by Brutal
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well I tried it anyways and its not been doing all that badly

You can OC it all that you want, the only thing is that laptops sucks at cooling, so you'd mostly meet temperature limits before core limits.
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If you have a nice warranty I say just watch the temps real closely. I fried my mobo running at stock speeds in less than a year. Thank God for 3 years parts and labor.
Look people,



Seriously, lol, what difference would it make to OC the card. What is it going to help you accomplish?
Yeah Im Buying me some parts to build me a desktop from newegg. Just got to wait for some parts to be back in stock!
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