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Can my computer run Cinematic Mod 10 LE Edition?

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The LE edition. Stats in my sig.
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•The LE version, the Light Edition, does not include the HD characters, new soundtracks and gameplay changes or tweaks. This version works with a 32bit Windows, however this is untested and unsupported

You should be alright. I played around and was able to get CM9 running on 32 bit vista and 2 gb ram, there were some parts that were very, very choppy/glitchy though. I suggest you try it out, then go straight to the part where you're escaping from the combine outpost in city 17, near the end of HL2. That was the worst part (choppy/unplayable) for me, so just test that out and see if it's playable before you invest hours and hours, only to find your comp can't run the epic battles later on in the game.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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