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Hey guys! I need some help...

I currently have a gigabyte gtx 970 itx with 3xdp ports. One of these ports are used by my asus swift pg278q. I`m buying a dell 5k UP2715K for video and photo editing. The 5k dell monitor need 2 dp ports to support [email protected]

Will my gtx 970 be able to run both these displays in a dual setuo at [email protected] (asus) and [email protected] (dell)?

To make things more confusing, I`m using a dual boot hackintosh, and planning on using the 5k display as primary on osx and the rog swift on windows (gaming). Worst case I can have one dead/turned off monitor in each OS, but I dont want to mess with switching cables etc.

Any help is much appreciated!!

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