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Can not get an overclock at all

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Just spent several hours following the guide and such.. I cannot get OC'd past 2.3 Ghz. I set my FSP at 210 with the multi at 11. My HTT is set down to 4 and my vcore is at 1.4. I set a divider on my ram at 166, and left the timings at default. Anything past that and I get auto reboot. Anyone got some advice?
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#1 four sticks of ram require a 2T setting
#2 you have value ram, which many times doesn't ran faster than 215mhz, and 4 sticks of ram always run slower than 2 sticks, so you are most likely close to maxing your ram. You'll get a better overclock if you take two sticks out. Otherwise, you'll have to run a divider
#3 you should bump your vcore up one notch
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