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Can Resolution effect positinal audio?

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Ok maybe i am insane....
But i have a 22" wide screen i tried the whole 1920x1080 at 16:9 and i absolutley sucked at every game in existance. I sounded like people were comming from weird directions and it was just awfual. So i went back to 4:3 at 1024x768 and i was back to holding my 3.0-4.0 kdr in css dm's and getting banned from pubs for "walling" and the occasinal aimbot claim...

I swear once i was back to 4:3(with the bars on the side) that my audio synced rigt and my positinal audio is bang on...is this even possible?...or am i insane?

sound card: X-fi titanium pci-e 1x
headphones: JVC ha rx 900
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Shouldn't make any difference as far as I'm concerned/aware, with the only possible exception being if your field of view settings were incorrect, so in effect, you could see behind you...
thats actually possible(ie: your pc thinks you see more then you actually are?)...it was very strange, the sounds were coming from the wrong directions. Got it fixed now though.
Shouldn't make a difference between screen resolution and audio.

If you are annoyed by the audio, you can always find a cheap 5.1 speaker system which you can then use to improve your gaming
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I second the 5.1 speakers. Just leagues better than 3d positional audio.
It depends on how the game engine processes positional audio.
It might, if there's a bug.
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