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Can someone explain what VID is and why lower is better?

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I am just lost here. I am somewhat new to OC so I would like to know what VID is for and what it means to have the best VID Proc.
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VID is the defult voltage for you're CPU @ stock settings... lower is better cause lower voltage creates lower heat
VID is the voltage required to keep the chip stable at stock speeds.
The point with the voltage is you increase it to maintain a stable overclock.

But, as you increase it, so does heat. So you don't kill your processor prematurely, it's a good idea to get a stable overclock, then decrease the voltage enough so that you keep a stable overclock with a minimal voltage.
Don't mean to hijack, but can someone direct me to a good program that can detect VID. I never knew it was voltage for stock, PC Wizard 2008 says I have a 1.351 VID yet I'm overclocked with 1.28 volts... Just seems off...

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CPU-Z does not detect vid.

Get Core temp.
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Thanks! Though it says I have a vid of 1.350v as well. Guess I have an odd chip, maybe I'll try to push it farther with more volts o.o!

*Edit* Holy moly, it works with the LCD on my G15. Gah! Why didn't I find this program earlier >.<
As others said on what is VID. You can find it in core temp. Lower VID chip will has higher potential OC in general.
I feel stupid... I knew that... Here I was thinking it was something else >.>
CPUz can show VID to. Edit the ini line: sensor=0
It will then display the VID in the Core Voltage field.
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