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Can someone post or link to a how to switch from Nvidia to ATI for Dummies?

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I just ordered an HD4890. I tried this about a year ago and failed, so I ended up going back to my 9800GTX+. Can someone post a link to a guide or guide me through this again? Can you dumb it down a little bit because I either did something wrong or maybe the ATI card I received was no good? Not sure...
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1. Uninstall Existing drivers
2. Use DriverSweeper to remove all remnants of drivers
3. Install new graphics card
4. Install new drivers.
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^ this
Yeah, it isn't too hard. Just driver sweeper, and install the latest Catalyst drivers. ATi drivers are a lot better than they used to be.
Seems easy enough. Wish me luck this time. LOL

Everything is working great!!
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