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Can someone upload Asus GamerOSD?

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I have been trying to download this from a few different sources but to no avail. I am running W7 64-bit, and Asus's website only seems to offer XP 64bit. So can someone that has it can you rapid share it to me please please?
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Ok, after a bit of searching I managed to find it

Go to:


Then scroll down to:
19767 KB

Hope this helps
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OK very strange. If you use the link the Win7 files are missing for some reason.

You have to manually copy the address and paste it inot the address bar. The you will see the Win7 files near the bottom of the list.
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i have the cd i can rip it from cd and upload them
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That would be great and appreciated, oh and REP to you both for your troubles.

EDIT: Crazyness I cannot seem to get the W7 version to appear. I manually typed out the address. I copy and pasted, I even went and manually browsed through the FTP site and still no W7 LOL. It is just not meant to be LOL.

So yeah I found it and have been trying to DL it for like hours. It keeps given me errors.

EDIT: Alrighty I finally have it downloaded and installed. Man I have never had such a tough time DLing anything like this. Asus FTP sucks so bad it is ridiculous. Regardless thanks a lot again for all your help fellas.
ahh no worries was just ripping it from cd, but if you've got it sorted thats cool
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