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Hi, I'm a digital artist and have heard that the Dell U2410's wide gamut is not accurate when representing colors, is this ture?

I currently have the dell studio xps 1640 and am happy with it's display, will the U2410 display colors that are more saturated than the 1640?

I am a green horn at calibration and I'm afraid that if I purchase the U2410 that I will have an extremely hard time calibrating it, is it complex or can a beginner such as myself calibrate it without popping the veins in my forehead? When I say beginner at calibration, I mean windows 7 calibration tool, total noob beginner.

Could someone also give me a comparison of the display located in the sxps 1640 and the HP ZR24W, are they identical?

Im really confused, based on my research the ZR24W seems to be more stable than the U2410, but Im afraid that the ZR24W might not produce colors like my sxps 1640. I really need help, and I would appreciate it a lot Is it possible to switch modes from RGB ans sRGB in the u2410 and would it be advisable for me to get a U2410? I want a monitor with precise color accuracy and a large color gamut coverage.

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