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Can This Be Done?

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Folding these proteins and even at 90% the temps are around 160F - 168F (that's around 70c). I know HD4870s get hot, but is there a way to cool the card without taking the stock cooler off (and voiding the warranty)?

80mm fan directly blowing on the heatpipes don't do anything, as the heat seems more related to processing (as soon as I stop a WU it'll fall to 120-125F).

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Easiest thing to do is lowering your roomtemperature. If possible. How is the airflow in your case? Drill holes in it and add more fans.
What cooler do you have? Is it the reference 4870 red one or the non-reference sapphire black cooler with the blue PCB card?
Even turning on the wall AC unit doesn't affect the cooling. Have 1 120mm fan blowing through a drivebay tray (one of those Thermaltake cages that fit in my case) with an inch hole for the air to move in; 2x80mm intakes in front; 1 side 80mm fan; 1 top 80mm fan; 2x80mm fan for exhaust.

Motherboard temp is 87F; Processor around 104F; everything else is looking normal -- but the videocard.

ADDED: Yep, it's the stock black cooler. Don't want to take the stock fan off because the card isn't even 30 days old, yet need some type of external cooling advice so I can fold without worrying about spikes.
If its the stock one with the fan in the middle then I'm surprised you having temperature problems at all. I have the same cooler on mine and its absolutely awesome. What is your fan speed set to? @ 60% mine never gets hot enough to even worry about.
Even at 100% fan it's reaching and staying around 152F (and it will creep higher over time if I don't have the AC constantly on). Have it at 85% now, as 100% it sounds close to the AC unit (and that's not a quiet one). It wants to remain at the 160-168F range and stay there.

Want to be able to leave the room and not babysit the rig while folding. At these temps there's but 50F left before core meltdown, that's not much elbow room if there's any spike.
take the side of the case off and see if it is airflow problem. i had a problem with mine as the card and psu in my case are so close that the warm air from the psu heated the card. the only other thing i would recommend would be a reseat.

though who wants to pull a brand new card to bits
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If you ask me those temperatures are absolutly fine, for a 4870 at least.
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