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Can this ddr3 reach 1800mhz?

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I was wondering if I would be able to clock this memory up to 1800mhz, its rated at 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 but due to my cpu OC of 3.6ghz I've been running it at 1440 mhz, the next step up in my bios is 10x180 for memory its currently or could I at least run the timings lower? memory is at 1.6v.

EDIT: forgot the link to the ram http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820231225
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its not really a question we could answer... only one that can find out is you, as all ram is different. do i expect your ram to oc to 1800? probably not with voltages within the intel 1.65v limit. i7 has boatloads of bandwidth even at 1066, so 1440 is more than enough. you could tighten the latencies down to cas 8 if you're running 1440, that would probably have a higher shot of success than 1800mhz.
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Alright, I've never played with memory overclocking. Was just looking for some guidance. Also curse evga for not putting in a 9x multiplier for ram lol. Will try 1800 when downloads finish.
ok no, it wont run 1800mhz even at 1.65v but it is running 8-8-8-20 @ 1.6v might try to pull 7-7-7-18 out of it later

Edit: pretty good boost in performance



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9x multi does not exist for core i7, as far as i know of. its only 6x 8x or 10x.

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9x multi does not exist for core i7, as far as i know of. its only 6x 8x or 10x.
ah too bad 9x would make it too easy, i would be at 1620mhz. I saw a drastic gain in 3dmark05 (4200 pnts) but a 400 point loss in 06, I have yet to run vantage
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